Kindle Book Promoters I like

Okay, this is going to be an ongoing list. Hopefully it doesn’t get too unwieldy.

A list of what? A list of places that promote free or discounted books on the Kindle platform.

Why? Because I’ve been trying to promote my books and these are some of the fine folks who have helped.

Why? Why these people? I’ve either made some kind of personal connection to them, think they’re awesome, or both. Likely both. Even though the personal connection may be all in my head.

Why? Well, it could be because I thought they were nice. Perhaps their auto-respond emails were more than the regular form letter. Maybe they went the personally typed letter route. Maybe their site or service bumped my book up a bit. Or maybe, as a reader myself, I thought they had a pretty good list of books and stuff that other readers might be interested in.

Why? Why what?

Why? I can’t just keep guessing at what you’re asking. You need to be more specific.

Why? You know what, here’s the list. Maybe that will answer your questions.


The Rex Carpenter List of Awesomeness

Kindle Books and Tips

Featured my first story right here. Brings a tear to my eye.


Good guy running it. Featured me also.

Its Write Now

Person running the site is helpful and cool. Featured me as well. Do you see a trend?

All Mystery Newsletter

Cool folk.


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