Happy Birthday, America

file6661278870459Happy Birthday, America.

That’s it.

Well, not quite.

Joan’s book is progressing. Hit a logjam, which I will explain later. But it’s about broken loose. Still on schedule. Not gonna tell you the details. But it’s good.

After Joan – Season 2. Fleshing things out. Excited.

And I’ll leave you with this. One of my favorite writers is James Clavell. Big, terrible, gigantic over-inflated books. But fun. And, did I mention, big?

In the front matter of one of his books, perhaps my favorite, Noble House, he had this as a dedication: “I would like to offer this work as a tribute to Her Britannic Majesty, Elizabeth II, to the people of Her Crown Colony of Hong Kong…and perdition to their enemies.”

I’m going to steal it, as all good authors do, and change it.

Happy Fourth of July, America and all her people. God bless you…and perdition to her enemies.


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