Okay, folks. Trying something out here. Please don’t shoot me if it goes south.

I’ve joined up with a bunch of other authors whom I do not know in a giveaway. You, my fine readers, can enter into the giveaway by jumping through a few hoops. Mostly you’ll need to like my shiny new Facebook page. It’s not much of a Facebook page, I know. But I’m trying to get more active with social media. Which leads me to the giveaway.

It’s run by a website called, geniusly, They use a company called Rafflecopter to coordinate and deal with the logistics.

What do you have to do? Well, if I’m right in what I think I know, you’ll go to the link below and enter in your name and email address or sign in with your Facebook account. Jump through their hoops, like my Facebook page, promise up your first-born, and you’ll be entered into a giveaway for a free Kindle or 140 bucks, whichever you’d prefer if you win.

Chances of winning? Better than the lottery. Last giveaway they ran there was 15,000 or so entries. The one before that, 4000 or so. So honestly, not great. But like the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play.

So, check it out. Like my Facebook page. If you have no desire to do either, that’s fine, too. The reason I’m involved in this is two-fold – 1) possibly increase my readership/social media presence and 2) give you guys a chance at winning a Kindle.

Here’s the link to where you need to go:
a Rafflecopter giveaway


If you think this is a great opportunity or a horrible trainwreck that you can’t believe I’m involved in, let me know.
Happy Fourth of July.
p s- yes, I’m still working on Episode 5. It’s coming along. Slow. But awesome.
pps – check out some of the other authors on the list at if you want. I’m not vouching for any of them. As far as I know it’s a mix of young adult, romance, supernatural stuff. I think I’m one of only a few thriller writers on the list. I’ve not read their work and don’t know any of them personally, so if the stuff you find sucks – hey, I warned you. If you read something of theirs and it’s awesome – come back and leave a comment and let me know. Or email me and I’ll pass it on on this site.

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