Episode 4 Live on Amazon

Okay, folks, I’ve got three things to report. Well, four, really.


First, Episode 4 is live on Amazon. Yeah! Got my first review. Yeah!  Thanks, Doug. Yeah, Doug! If you haven’t picked up a copy, head on over here – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KC86IOW . I had a few hiccups getting it published and all, but it’s up and on it’s own two feet now.


Okay.  That’s the first thing.


Second thing – I’m expanding. No, not my waist (that’s actually shrinking). No, not the kind of books I’m writing. That comes later. What I’m expanding is the number of places you can find The Fixer. When I started, Amazon was the only place you could find The Fixer series. Well, now I’m branching out. My books are either currently available or in the pipeline at Kobo, Apple and Barnes and Noble. A little excited about this. Why? More reach. More readers. More visibility. It may not matter to you, but when I sent one of my good friends a link to Episode 1 on Amazon, he said “Yeah, that looks awesome. Kinda like to see how it would look on Apple iTunes.” Now he has the chance. And so do you.


Third thing – Started Episode 5. I know how it starts. I know some of the big things that will happen (and some of the little ones). I know the ending. I know the epilogue. I’m just trying to figure out how to get all the pieces in place so it turns out kinda okay. You know how you watch a movie sometimes and it’s building and building and building and then the ending just totally sucks? Yeah, trying my best to avoid that. Trying to not let things fall all apart. We’ll see if I actually pull it off. It’s clutch time, baby!


Fourth thing – this is totally getting ahead of myself, but I’m mapping out Season 2. If you liked much of Season 1, I think you’re going to like Season 2. Remember how awesome Die Hard was? And then how Die Hard 2 sucked? But then how awesome Die Hard 3 was because the action started and then pretty much never stopped? That’s what I’m going for. Skip the sophomore effort that sucks and go straight into the awesome.


Wish me luck.



ps – will try and put up more frequent posts. not only about my books. other writers I’m digging. Maybe some amazing pictures. Not mine, just stuff I’ve seen. And one thing that still makes me laugh today, even though I saw it like two weeks ago.

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