Duke is live!

Hey guys. Duke is live. Finally. Links are below. I will be updating them as the book goes live across the various platforms.


Amazon |  Kobo  |  Apple  |  Barnes and Noble


The price will stay at .99 for most of the weekend. Certainly through Saturday. After that it will pop up to 2.99 or higher. So get ’em while the gettin’s good.

And, as always, an honest review at the place you bought it at is highly appreciated. Independent writers such as myself live and breathe on reviews. Not because we like getting them (we do, actually) but because the more reviews the higher the standing in the rankings of the ebook stores.

Enough rambling. As one great writer is fond of saying – buy my crap.



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Stephen Campbell - 8 years ago Reply

Fantastic cover Rex. I suspect even the unnamed author who suggests we buy his crap is a little jealous of this one.

    Rex - 8 years ago Reply

    Stephen – Thanks, man. RebeccaWeaver.com is responsible. Took my crappy ideas and made them shine. Funnily enough, the unnamed author’s covers were kinda what inspired me. At least the basic feel of them. Please don’t tell him. I fear the Wrath of Blake.


    just kidding Mr. Blake. your work ethic and production schedule is a true inspiration.

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