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    I’m a writer. Webpages and html code and formatting and all those technical things are a bit difficult for me. Not beyond me, just don’t come naturally.

    I’m currently having a wee bit of trouble with getting the newsletter set up. If you want to sign up for it, either email me at or leave a post below with your email address. Directly emailing me would likely be the more secure way. Either way, once I get my newsletter set up, I’ll let you know.

    Thanks for your understanding.


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Douglas Corneil - 10 years ago Reply

I really enjoyed Episode #1. That was definitely a good place to end one story and tease readers into wanting to read more about what is going happen!!

Please add my name / email address to your list of very satisfied readers who want to know when we can begin reading the next episode of “The Fixer.”

    Rex - 10 years ago Reply


    Thank you for your kind words. Deeply appreciate it. I did edit your comment to avoid giving out a spoiler. Hope you don’t mind.
    Your name is on the list. You’re on The Team. The short story I mentioned as a giveaway for those who sign up for the mailing list is close to being ready. It’s in final editing and I hope to have it done this weekend (fingers crossed). Once it’s up, I’ll let you know. Episode 2 should be coming down the pike soon after that.
    One more thing – if you don’t mind, swing back by Amazon and leave a quick, honest review. For a new author, reviews are what helps drive sales, which helps inspire us to keep writing. Truthfully, I’d keep writing if nobody picked up my stories because I’m writing what I want to read, but building a readership helps. So if you don’t mind just a quick, short, honest review. No spoilers, please! 😉
    Thanks again, Douglas. And welcome to The Team.

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