At Long Last

So, it’s been a reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyy long time since I published Season 2, Episode 1.

Sorry ’bout that.

Good news – Episode 2 is LIVE!!!

Links are below, will update them as the various platforms finish up the digital bits.

And one final note – it is priced at 99 cents for the next 24 hours. After that, it’s up to the regular $2.99.

Just sayin’


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The Fixer, Season 2, Episode 2

Start a war between rival drug lords? Check.

Work for a man you hate and want to kill? Check.

Protect him from people who want you both dead? Check.

JC Bannister, former Army Ranger, hitman for hire, solutionist, fixer, finds himself getting pushed further and further down a path he just wants to burn. But to protect the people he loves and owes his life to, he has to keep it together for just a little bit longer.

Long enough to destroy everyone who tried to kill him.

If you like thrillers and heavy hitters like Jason Bourne, El Rey, Tanner, Jet, Jack Noble, Mitch Rapp or John Milton, you’ll find yourself turning the pages of The Fixer, Season 2, Episode 2 like there’s no tomorrow.

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