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Thank you for taking an interest in being a member of the Advance Team.

I explained the basic purpose of this group in the email I sent, but I want to do a quick review.

Once you fill in your info and click the shiny red button, then you’re in.

About a week or two before I’m ready to publish a new book, I’ll send it out to The Advance Team (that’s you.)

Then, once the book is live (and on sale for the first 48 hours or so) I’ll send out an email to The Advance Team.

If you can, you’ll swing by and leave a quick, honest review.

No muss, no fuss.

This will make Amazon realize there’s some awesomeness happening and they’ll start to let others know about the book.

If you find any mistakes or errors, either before publishing or after, by all means let me know.

That’s it in a nutshell.

If you’re into it, again, the shiny red button is what you want to push.

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If you’d rather pass, then no worries – you’re still on the main newsletter and will receive all news and happenings in Rexlandia.

Regardless, thank you again for your interest in JC and his team. It really is a joy to write these stories.


Thanks for your time.


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