If there's a problem, there is a solution. 

JC Bannister - The Fixer.

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Your New Favorite Action Thriller Series

Action Thriller Series

The first book in the explosive action series: JC and his team are contracted to assassinate a US Senator.
Double-crossed and on the run, can JC make it out of LA alive? Or will the Secret Service, LAPD and FBI get their man?

Under The General's thumb, JC and the team go to Bolivia to finish old business. Can he save his team and avoid starting a Bolivian civil war before he's free? Or will the rogue CIA agent hired to replace him get the upper hand and kill him first?

Norman Ellsworth, US Ambassador to London, is accused of murder and espionage. Powerful forces are conspiring against him and the United States. The ambassador's best hope?

JC Bannister: hitman, solutionist, fixer.

With assassins on his tail, JC accepts a job that takes him undercover into the most dangerous country on earth.
Will he be able to escape from North Korea alive? Or will everything come crashing down and bury him alive, once and for all?

When you cross JC Bannister, he brings vengeance to your doorstep.
It might not be quick, but it will be violent.
Will his target's powerful friends, old and new, derail Bannister's plans before justice is served?

Co-opted into the CIA to "take care" of one of their problems, JC is forced into a situation with no acceptable outcomes.
Will JC do what he knows is right?
Or will he descend into a deep darkness where there is no light?

Protect a billionaire in sunny Buenos Aires?
It sounds like a cakewalk for JC and Theo.
That is, until the death threats against the man explode into harsh, bloody reality and JC's chances at getting everyone out alive get slimmer by the hour.