Newsletter is live!

The good folks over at Aweber helped me get my newsletter sorted out! So feel free to signup over on the right hand side of the screen. As mentioned, signing up gets you a free story, “The Fixer, Season 1 Prologue: Indonesia.” Plus all sorts of awesomeness, such as news about Bannister and upcoming release dates.

If there are any hiccups or problems, let me know, either in the comments here or in email:



2 Bit of Trouble


    I’m a writer. Webpages and html code and formatting and all those technical things are a bit difficult for me. Not beyond me, just don’t come naturally.

    I’m currently having a wee bit of trouble with getting the newsletter set up. If you want to sign up for it, either email me at or leave a post below with your email address. Directly emailing me would likely be the more secure way. Either way, once I get my newsletter set up, I’ll let you know.

    Thanks for your understanding.


First things first

Let’s get this out of the way first.

I am not a blogger.

Likely never will be.

I am, however, a writer. And this site is, best I figure, the easiest and most satisfying way for you, my reader or prospective reader, to interact. You get to dig around, find out more about me. Gives you a chance to sign up for my newsletter and get a free story in the process. Plus it kinda keeps things centrally located.

Why is that good?

I am not the best about updating things. Facebook and I have an uneasy relationship. She wants me to commit but I know she’s not the one. But I just can’t quit her. I think I have a twitter account somewhere. But that twitter, she’s a fickle mistress. And while some may think it is an interesting exercise to limit yourself to 140 characters, I am far too verbose a man to find it so. So while I may have facebook and/or twitter accounts, this will be the place I spend most my time. Outside my books, of course.


Thank you. Thank you for checking out my little stories. Thanks for spending a bit of time with JC Bannister and his friends (and enemies). While not a big talker, he does appreciate it. Thanks for swinging by this site. There will be more to come.


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