Happy Birthday, America

file6661278870459Happy Birthday, America.

That’s it.

Well, not quite.

Joan’s book is progressing. Hit a logjam, which I will explain later. But it’s about broken loose. Still on schedule. Not gonna tell you the details. But it’s good.

After Joan – Season 2. Fleshing things out. Excited.

And I’ll leave you with this. One of my favorite writers is James Clavell. Big, terrible, gigantic over-inflated books. But fun. And, did I mention, big?

In the front matter of one of his books, perhaps my favorite, Noble House, he had this as a dedication: “I would like to offer this work as a tribute to Her Britannic Majesty, Elizabeth II, to the people of Her Crown Colony of Hong Kong…and perdition to their enemies.”

I’m going to steal it, as all good authors do, and change it.

Happy Fourth of July, America and all her people. God bless you…and perdition to her enemies.


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2 Duke is live!

Hey guys. Duke is live. Finally. Links are below. I will be updating them as the book goes live across the various platforms.


Amazon |  Kobo  |  Apple  |  Barnes and Noble


The price will stay at .99 for most of the weekend. Certainly through Saturday. After that it will pop up to 2.99 or higher. So get ’em while the gettin’s good.

And, as always, an honest review at the place you bought it at is highly appreciated. Independent writers such as myself live and breathe on reviews. Not because we like getting them (we do, actually) but because the more reviews the higher the standing in the rankings of the ebook stores.

Enough rambling. As one great writer is fond of saying – buy my crap.



2 Cover Reveal

Okay, new thing. Cover reveal. Seen other writers do this, but since every release up until now has had the same cover, didn’t make sense for me to do so. But now that the Duke book is only a couple of days away and I’ve got the cover and it’s freakin’ awesome, I’m gonna put it up here for all to see.




Yeah, I kinda like it. I know it would likely be better with one clear image. But it is something I wanted to try out. We’ll see how it goes.


Anyway. Just wanted to throw this out there. The book should be live on the 28th. I’ll keep you updated.




Almost there

Duke is almost ready.

I’ve just finalized the cover art and it’s freakin’ awesome.

Going through final rounds of editing as we speak. Well, as soon as I stop typing this.

Shooting for a release date next week. Like the 28th. Or 29th.






I’ll have links when it is live as well as other cool info.

I’m stoked.




April Fools!

Okay, I admit, I don’t care much for April Fool’s jokes. I just fell for one a few minutes ago about some Marvel/Sony/Fox thing.

So, I’m not going to run one here.

Just wanted to say Duke is coming this month.

That is all.




Quick update about what’s on tap in the next couple of months.

Although I wanted Duke’s origin book to be out early Spring, it’s looking more and more like mid-Spring. I’ve set a date for it next month, something I’m shooting for, but since I’ve blown past published release dates in the past (Episode 4 being seven months late is a shining example), I’m going to keep this one close to the vest. I will say, again, it’s mid-Spring. And it’s soon enough that if I don’t get my ass in gear I’m gonna blow past it, too.

The problem with that? It just pushes everything back even more.

And Joan’s pushing me to get her book written.

I’ve got Joan’s origin book scheduled for late Spring. So late Spring it’s almost Summer. But still, in my mind, at least, Spring.

And what should you, as the reader, expect for these two stories?

Well, they are both origin stories. They will go into some detail about the two characters and their backgrounds. What happened in their lives before joining up with JC. Likely some of the more important turning points in their lives that sent them down the paths that led them to where they are.

For Duke, this will go into his life as the son of a diplomat and a bit of his surfing life in Hawaii, pre-Army. It will mostly be dealing with something that was mentioned a few times in Season 1 – his Saudi complications. But it will also delve into the people who helped shape his life as well as some of the choices he made that put him where he is today.

For Joan, hints of her story were dropped throughout Season 1 – her chat with JC’s cousin’s wife, her 1-on-1 confrontation with Detective Garcia, her challenge to The Mexican, and JC’s confrontation with Agent Kowalski at the end of the story. Some of those will come into play, but a lot more will be revealed.

MAN! I wish I could tell you guys all the awesome stuff I’m cooking up. But I’ve got to keep my trap shut and not ruin it. I will say this – one scene in Duke’s origin story had been rolling around in my head for a couple of weeks. Near the end of the book. Walking to the subway today it suddenly crystallized. I spent the next hour furiously typing with my thumbs into my phone just to get the details down. It gave me chills, and at points, brought tears to my eyes. Not weepy tears of the boo-hoo variety, but the manly emotional tears I get when I watch movies about loyalty and family and father-son, brothers-in-arms stuff. As I’ve got most of Duke’s book plotted out (not written, mind you, but plotted) I’m kind of starting on the plotting out of Joan’s book. And getting ideas for dialogue. Nice Joan-isms. Very different than Theo-isms. But still very cool.

So yeah, it kicks ass. Both books.

One word of caution I want to pass on to you, my kind readers. The feelings and pacings of The Fixer Origin stories are going to be different than the regular Season writings. My goal with the episodes in Season 1 (and continuing seasons) are to make it feel like an action-packed mini-movie. I don’t always achieve that, but I’m writing them from the perspective of episodic television in some ways. The origin stories, however, are different animals. Duke’s story is, up till now, fairly slow. I’m likely going to re-edit it a bit and up the action a bit, but from the start I envisioned it more as a 1970’s, 1980’s type of movie. Something that laid the groundwork, built up the story and the characters, with bits of action interspersed of course, but then laid on the gunfights and car chases. Kind of like how Alien was much slower than Aliens, but still awesome. Or how Die Hard was slower than Die Hard 3, both equally awesome. Let’s not even discuss Die Hard 2.

In contrast, Joan’s book in my mind is going to be more action. I want her kicking ass from the start. Always on a mission. Always gunning for blood. Always ready to pivot away and pursue something else that will help her be more of a badass. I’ll admit something. In my mind, Joan is very much like Angelina Jolie in both Wanted and Salt. A very cold, calculating killer who is capable of both warmth and compassion as well as an extreme adherence to whatever her personal code may be. Joan, in my mind, doesn’t look like Angelina Jolie. But her character kind of is a mix of those two characters.

I’ll have some other possibly interesting news in the coming weeks. Doing what I can to turn up the heat on myself and my writing. Stick around. It’ll be nice ride.



Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, all. It has been a good one, and a good year, here in the House of Carpenter.

Hope you all have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Oh, and Episode 5 is written. On Monday I’ll start the editing and fixing. Unsure of a due date, but as I mentioned in my last update, I am ramping up my writing schedule, so the longer it takes to get Episode 5 out, the longer it takes for me to get working on the next stuff I have in line. However, that doesn’t mean I will in any way shape or form try to rush. I do my best to put out a product that has few or no mistakes. Not going to scrimp on that. That being said, I was re-reading one of the earlier episodes and found a mistake, so it does happen. But trying for zero.

Merry Christmas, folks.

Thanks so much for reading the little stories I put out. Its heartening. And humbling.



Oh, Be-La! Bela’s Undead!

Dating myself a bit, but the first time I heard Bauhaus’ live performance of Bela Lugosi’s Dead I was, I think, 14. Part-time job, cleaning the office of one of my mom’s friends at around 7:30 at night. Listening to that on my walkman. Freaked me out something fierce.

So, no, I’m not dead. Haven’t given up on writing. It’s just this episode has taken me far longer than I wanted it to. Life got in the way. Vacation. Moving house. Broken bones. Day job. All that kind of stuff.

Oh, and the fact that I’m up to 155 pages for this episode. Still not done. Although I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. And no, I’m not making any train references.

I am really trying hard to finish this up before Christmas. I don’t want to start the New Year with this episode unfinished. Don’t want you guys to have to wait any longer than absolutely necessary. Once that gets a little closer to being wrapped up, I’m going to make a decision on what to write next. For that, I may ask for some input from you fine folks. But we’ll explore that a bit more once this last episode gets wrapped up.

One thing I have decided to do is reduce the amount of profanity in my writing. Notice I said reduce, not remove. Had some conversations with a few friends and a writer or two and basically I realized I use far too much. I have trimmed it down. Have used a half-spoken or cut-off version of curse words, as you’ll see in a moment. I’ve also decided to, once I finish Episode 5, go back and edit the previous episodes. Cut back on the profanity and leave it in only when I feel it is necessary to the story. I counted and there are over 20 instances of the F-word in Episode 1. That’s an average of at least one instance every other page. Too many. I’m not excising them completely. They will still be there. My books will still likely be for mature audiences. Will still carry the warning in the front of the book. But I don’t want to use those as a crutch. I’m not Tarantino. I admire his films, but I’m not him and my writing shouldn’t mimic his level of profanity.

And, as a teaser, I’ve decided to put out an excerpt from Episode 5 like I did with Episode 3. So, read on, dear reader. And if you want to keep up with me, I’ve been most active on Twitter these days. Not to say I’m really active. But that’s likely the easiest place to keep track if I’m still kicking or not. There should be a link on the upper right of this webpage that will take you to my Twitter feed/page/tweet thing. Thank you, and enjoy…


Nobody came.

“Bannister’s going to kill you. You know that, don’t you Agent?” Duke said.

“We’ll see. Any last words, Duke? Some stupid movie line you think is relevant?” Guy asked. Stepped back two full steps. Slowly.

Duke wracked his brain. Trying to get a message to Theo in case he was listening. “Yeah, I do. Han shot first.”

“What?” Guy said, confusion on his face.

“You heard me you traitorous coward. Han shot first.”

Guy shook his head. “Whatever. I never understood you and your stupid team.”

Duke smiled. “That is why you fail.”

“You ready?”

“Come on, motherfu-” Duke yelled as Kowalski yelled out louder, “He’s got a gun!” Pulled his Glock 23 from his Miami Vice inspired shoulder holster and fired two shots into Duke’s chest. The crowds in the Hollywood and Highland shopping center screamed and ran, terrified that the worst of L.A. had come to life. Blood exploded outward from Duke’s chest as Kowalski’s shots hit their mark. Duke looked surprised. Looked down at his chest as he fell backwards. The blood seeped through his clothes and onto the concrete around him.

Sirens sounded in the distance. Getting closer.



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