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Norman Ellsworth, US Ambassador to London, sits accused of murder and espionage. Powerful forces are moving against him and the United States. The ambassador’s best hope? His son’s employer.
JC Bannister: hitman, solutionist, fixer.
JC and his team, tasked with proving the ambassador’s innocence, quickly find themselves up against forces more powerful and better connected than they imagined. And when an international terrorist from their past gets involved, will they be able to save the Ambassador, and London, from the man trying to tear it all apart? Or will the sinister forces working against him and his team claim success, leaving Barcelona, Paris and London in tatters?
Fans of Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp, Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, LT Ryan’s Jack Noble or Mark Dawson’s John Milton will feel right at home reading this fast-paced international action thriller.

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The Fixer, Season 2: Complete

JC Bannister: former Army Ranger, hitman for hire, solutionist, fixer.
Working for a Bolivian drug lord and a retired US Army general has its benefits.
But when the two begin to actively plan Bannister’s death, it’s time to get out.
Can he save his team and avoid starting a Bolivian civil war before he’s free?
Or will the rogue CIA agent hired to replace him get the upper hand and kill him first?
The Fixer, Season 2: Complete is a taut action thriller in the best traditions of Jason Bourne, Jack Noble, Mitch Rapp or John Milton.

TFOJoanv1.0coverJoan: Portrait of a Vengeful Young Woman (The Fixer Origins: Book 2)

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Joan deals out bloody vengeance and sharp justice to those who deserve it. Or for those who pay the most.

After years of bouncing around Europe, she thinks she’s finally found a home, a person who is as close to family as she’ll ever find, and an organization she can put her loyalty behind. As well as her considerable skill set. But when her boss turns all of his attention to smuggling humans and the immense profits that could be made, there is no way Joan can let that stand. And the mystery man Joan is sent to hunt down is quickly turning into the most interesting man she’s ever met.

Faced with the choice of murdering the man she is beginning to love or saving the one person who is like family to her, will Joan be able to do the right thing? Especially when the right thing is no longer clear?

Joan: Portrait of a Vengeful Young Woman is an action-packed thriller in The Fixer series of books. Fans of Beatrix Rose, Jet, and many other hard-nosed, ass-kicking female main characters will enjoy riding along with Joan.


DukecoversmallDuke: The Education of an Assassin (The Fixer Origins: Book 1)

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Davidson “Duke” Ellsworth is many things: Army Ranger, movie buff, language expert, computer genius, surfer. One thing he most certainly is not is a hitman for hire.

When a stranger presents Duke with a chance to become an assassin, Duke listens to him for the fun of it. Until the man reveals he knows more about Duke than any stranger should. Targeted by a mysterious man who should not know the things he does, Duke realizes the safety and security of his squad, his army, his family and maybe even his country hang in the balance.

So Duke does the unthinkable in order to keep safe that which he holds dear. But will he ever be free from the burden of his actions? Thrust into the political power plays of the CIA, Middle Eastern countries and a man bent on disrupting the leadership of Saudi Arabia, Duke must chart his own path with precious few resources or friends. With every side trying to kill him, can Duke survive long enough to set things right? Or will he be gunned down like the men he is coerced into killing?

Duke: The Education of an Assassin is the explosive new suspense thriller in The Fixer series of books.


TheFixerS01C10sThe Fixer, Season 1: Complete

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JC Bannister calls himself a solutionist. His powerful clients call him a fixer. His enemies, a ruthless hitman for hire. For the right price, he’ll fix your problem.

Bannister accepts a high-profile assassination contract due to the influence of old friends. When the contract details change and call for the public execution of a US Senator, Bannister begins to think he’s being set up. Walking away or carrying out the contract holds the same price: hunted for life. Unless he and his team can come up with a different solution.

But when the Senator is murdered before Bannister and his team have the opportunity to implement their alternate fix to the problem, they soon find themselves in the crosshairs of a full blown manhunt. On the run, with every law enforcement agency looking for the senator’s assassin, can JC and his team discover and then reveal who killed the senator before they get caught up in the web of agencies trying to bring them down? Or will Bannister’s former employers exact their revenge for his betrayal?

The Fixer, Season 1: Complete is the explosive new thriller series from Rex Carpenter. Fans of Mitch Rapp, Jason Bourne, Jack Noble or John Milton, will feel right at home reading The Fixer.


The Fixer, Season 1, Episode 1:

TheFixerS01E01coverAmazon  |  Kobo  |  Apple  |  Barnes and Noble

JC Bannister calls himself a solutionist. His clients call him a fixer. His enemies, a hitman for hire. For the right price, he’ll fix your problem.
A call comes in. A meeting in a bar. A contract is agreed upon. But when the contract is for killing a US Senator, Bannister’s problems are just beginning. Worst of all, JC thinks he’s being set up. But the why and the who is just out of his reach.
Bannister must find out who is behind the double-cross, complete the contract and satisfy his very powerful client before his solution changes the political future of the country. Or gets him and his entire team killed.
The Fixer is an explosive new thriller series by Rex Carpenter that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last body drops.