Advance Team

Thank you for taking an interest in being a member of the Advance Team. I explained the basics of the purpose of this group in the email I sent, but I want to go into a bit more detail.

Here’s the signup link if you want to skip all the rest. Feel free to click away and then come back later to read what follows. There’s nothing to download yet. That will come as I finish up new things, which hopefully will be soon.


First thing is, again, the main purpose of this group is a way for me to say thank you to my readers. I hesitate to use the word fans, but some of you are. That is humbling to me, to say the least. So again, thanks.

By giving the dedicated few advance copies of my books, I am able to kill three birds with one stone.

  1. Give back something to the readers who have given so much to me
  2. Get new books in front of other people, other sets of eyes, to catch the hopefully few mistakes I and my editing team may have missed.
  3. Have the new books in the hands of people before my launch date in order to garner a few honest reviews as soon as the book is officially released.

I want to delve into this a bit more. The first point is there is no requirement for Advance Team members to put up reviews. It’s simply a request I make as an independent writer. Amazon is the biggest market for my books by far. They use a complicated algorithm to determine book ranking. People much smarter than I have figured out that number of reviews play a large part in that algorithm.

I can put a good cover on the book. Write the story to the best of my ability. Have it edited professionally and jump through all the marketing hoops I know how to. But the reviews come from you, the reader. So this is my explanation and request for reviews. A newly released book with enough reviews and sales will catch the notice of Amazon, who could in turn begin to give said book more visibility, which would lead to more people getting interested in the book which… you can see the rest of the picture, I’m sure.

All that being said, as I mentioned before, reviews are a side benefit to me making this group. The real reasons are points one and two mentioned before: Giving something back to my readers as well as having other eyes on the book to catch typos or factual errors.

So go back up and sign up already.

And thank you again.